26 April 2012
Nathan P. Bridle - nathan_bridle@hotmail.com
I loaded this website so I could show a colleague who had never been to your pottery what she was missing. She wanted to know because I was waxing lyrical about the jar with lid I had bought (it has the most beautiful colouring), and the small bowl and saucer. More importantly, she was particularly curious because I was saying I was more than tempted to give away my run of the mill crockery set, and then purchase from you what I needed, purely because every time I see the jar, bowl oer saucer I delight in its beauty and presence. More broadly when my father and I visited (now I find he has beaten me to this) I was entranced by what are, in effect, works of art. More, I was enthralled by the enthusiasm of the staff member who was there.You are most certainly on my visit list when I am next in Gloucestershire.
25 March 2012
Paul Bridle - bridle6@aim.com
My youngest son and I viisted the Pottery on 20th March 2012. I had not been since some time in the mid-80s. So many things to look at, enjoy and buy. Art, craft, integrity, accessibility, utility, beauty, simplicity.
4 March 2012
Caroline Wilson
So sad to hear of Ray Finch's recent death. We met your family first at Caerfai Bay many years ago, and stayed at your pottery for a weekend in the late 1960s and bought lots of your pots, still in use today. Ray Finch shared his wholemeal bread recipe with me, and I remember him and his family fondly.
3 March 2012
James Hazlewood
It was great to come and visit you all the other week. Thank you for the items I took away with me – now all have been put to use in the kitchen.It’s always so nice to come and visit the pottery. The team there are so friendly, always happy to answer questions about the pots and the pottery. There is such a good selection of pots than can be purchased. The standard ware range are all exceptional and affordable pots. We use them daily and they are very durable. The great think is a replacement or addition is only a phone call away! So you can build up the kitchens pots per visit. And the more individual one off pots on offer are always stunning, beautiful to buy and use or buy and display.The pottery is such a historical place, it has helped shape the British Studio Pottery movement and so many wonderful potters have worked there. There are too many great potters to mention individually but two that I will mention are Michael Cardew and Ray Finch. Both amazing pioneer potters.I look forward to coming and seeing you all in the near future. James
26 February 2012
Nancy Gallagher - nancy@gallagherpottery.com
Wow - the new website is fantastic! Love how the range of pots are displayed and how easy it is to navigate. We visited last Summer for the first time, and no Atlantic Ocean will keep me from going back again!
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