A larger range of pots can be seen in the pottery shop which is open all year round. All prices are in Pounds Sterling.

Please contact the pottery by telephone or email if you want to purchase any of our domestic stoneware. The pots can be posted to you, with an additional charge for postage and packaging.

Please be aware that each item is thrown by hand and although sizes and capacities are as accurate as possible, they are approximate. Also due to the unpredictability of the wood firing process, all glaze finishes are unique and do vary slightly.

The Retail Price List is for undecorated standard shapes. For decoration there is an added cost of £1 per item.

Glazed Inside OnlyFully Glazed
17” Platter14.0014.00
29” Platter18.0018.00
310.5” Platter22.0022.00
47.5” Deep Salad Bowl20.0020.00
59” Deep Salad Bowl30.0030.00
610” Deep Salad Bowl40.0040.00
79” Shallow Bowl30.0030.00
811” Shallow Bowl40.0040.00
9Small Mixing Bowl25.0025.00
10Medium Mixing Bowl35.0035.00
11Large Mixing Bowl45.0045.00
12Jam Pot22.0022.00
13Small Store Jar22.0022.00
14Handled Store Jar40.0040.00
15Small Handled Store Jar32.0032.00
16Covered Butter Dish32.0032.00
17Covered Cheese Dish45.0045.00
18Salt or Pepper (cork)12.0012.00
19Salt with Spoon Hole14.0014.00
20Salt Pig45.0045.00
21Oil or Vinegar Bottle25.0025.00
222pt Coffee Pot85.0085.00
23Tea Pot85.0085.00
24Cup & Saucer--
25Sugar Bowl10.0010.00
27Coffee Mug14.0014.00
28Handled Beaker16.0016.00
291pt Breakfast/Soup Mug18.0018.00
301/2 pt Beer Mug18.0018.00
311pt Beer Mug24.0024.00
32Cream Jug12.0012.00
331/2 pt Jug16.0016.00
341pt Jug20.0020.00
352pt Jug32.0032.00
363pt Jug40.0040.00
39Lidded Soup Pot22.0022.00
40Saucer (soup pot)10.0010.00
411pt Casserole--
422pt Casserole34.0034.00
433pt Casserole42.0042.00
444pt Casserole55.0055.00
455pt Casserole70.0070.00
468pt Casserole80.0080.00
472pt Shallow Casserole50.0050.00
484pt Shallow Casserole70.0070.00
498” Oval Pie Dish30.0030.00
5010” Oval Pie Dish40.0040.00
518” Handled Dish30.0030.00
5210” Handled Dish40.0040.00
532pt Soup Tureen--
54Bread Crock250.00250.00
55Cider Jar250.00250.00
56Small Egg Baker10.00-
57Large Egg Baker14.00-
584” Bowl8.00-
595” Soup Bowl10.00-
606” Soup Bowl12.00-
61Egg Cup-8.00
625” Cereal Bowl-10.00
636” Cereal Bowl-12.00
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